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API calls made today : 150 / 150
"api_key" : dummy_key

We are providing api service to convert phonetic to hindi.
The api url is and it accepts POST request with json content containing two keys which are 'api_key' and 'text' respectively.
We are providing 150 conversions/day as of now with 'api_key':'dummy_key'.
Come join our intiative where we build things for fun and also ease peoples' lives in the process.

About Us

We are a group of enthusiast who have always been curiously and very much interested in the field of computer and digital technology. This website is fully dedicated not only for the gaming community but also for solving various real life problems. Our main motive is to enjoy the process of developing software which makes our day-to-day life less miserable and more effective.

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Need anything built, want to work together or simply want to have a chat? Drop us an e-mail at and I will reply to you soon!

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